We alter the hierarchy of cultural importance, to deliberately form a top level global culture that we all belong to.


We weaken the culture of nation states to become administrators of geographical regions rather than culture makers and guardians of ‘Us’.

We use common tools to create and support a global system

The system provides common global services

Regions are responsible for service delivery.


The Global system monitors and maintains consistency between regions

The Global system is accountable and efficient. It includes electoral and appointment components, and mitigates against historical and perceived risks.


And support a common culture


These provide a system for the organisation of the Species


On the organisation of the species - PDF


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Nation states have been useful tools during the evolution of the human species. However, most of the problems in the world today are caused by competing nations  and the cultures that define them.

Let us take another step in the evolution of our organisations, and develop a single global system to resolve some major issues confronting our species today.

The proposed system is based on an evolution of our species prior experiments.

In theory, it reduces competition that causes conflict, enables competition that helps us develop faster, and allows us to tackle major issues such as wars, human inputs to climate change, migration, and inequality, that cannot be resolved nationally.

It proposes that:


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