Legal System

Organisation of the species - Proposed model

Common rules enforce common values

Different legal systems are a major source of misunderstanding and implementation inefficiency.

This proposal includes a single global legal system with:

Supported by common language, common tax system, common Property and asset registers, Common building regulations but Regional planning policies

It enables global responses to global issues.

It ensures common standards for production, testing, and labelling of goods, workers rights, taxation. All of which removes the need for tariffs and customs checks.

It enables free movement of people, organisations, goods and services.

Risk: Fear of tight state control stifling human ingenuity and freedoms. Mitigate by enshrining tolerance of criticism and processes that enable system evolution. No law is so sacrosanct it cannot be challenged and refined..

Risk: Legal system is manipulated. Mitigated by: Build in global monitoring and oversight process. No person or organisation is outside the law.

Risk: Regions interpret law differently. Mitigated by: Common legal education, oversight and global judicial appointments to reduce regional diversification and implementation

Risk: Laws interpreted by rote often contain logical loop holes, and accumulate restrictive refinements over time. This makes them cumbersome and complex. Mitigation: consider some laws as ‘interpret by principle’.

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