Weaken Nation states and develop a global culture

Our current preferred method of organising ourselves is based on self-contained nations defined by geographic boundaries. Every system and service of government is tailored to the nation. The nation owns resources based on its geographic boundary and people living within it. Competition between nations is a prime source of conflict.

Cultures are used to form a sense of national ‘Us’, to help the people within the nation work together. Where a nation has been formed from several cultures, then multi cultural differences can cause tension and culture wars. There is often tension where a culture crosses a national boundary.

For a global system to work, it should reduce national and cultural conflict and provide efficient governance systems to all.

This proposal removes some of the responsibilities of nations and places them at the global level, so they can become common and efficient across the globe.

A global system should:

We should deliberately alter the hierarchy of cultural importance, by using our tools to consciously form a top level global culture that we all belong to.

Within the global framework, sub cultures should be allowed to thrive providing an avenue for natural human ingenuity, experimentation and desire to belong to many layered groups. These may be based on location, language, religion, dress, music, or any of the other concepts that give a sense of Us and Them. However, they should all be secondary to the global culture.


Risk: If regions are too strong, they just revert to competing nation states. Mitigated by good separation of global and regional responsibilities, and freedom of movement.

Risk: National systems may be too strong to transition out of - See Transition discussion.

Risk: A high number of regions  may make the system inefficient. If the bonds which form nations are loosened, there may be a demand for many regions to break out on their own. The desire for self determination only stops at cultural or geographic boundaries. However if the global system provides a top level culture, and ensures free movement, then desire for cultural self determination should diminish. Regions should be based on population size and geography. Regions will have a complex interface to the global system, too many regions and this will become inefficient, too few and local voices may not be heard.

Provide Global services

For a system of global government to work for all, the right mix of responsibilities and service provision should be found between regional and global government.

Service delivery responsibilities should be retained locally, and funded and monitored centrally.


This proposal removes the policy making responsibilities of nations and places them at the global level, so they can become common and efficient across the globe. By moving much of the responsibilities for policy making to the global layer of government, many causes of diversity conflict should just vanish.


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