Common education provides a common vision for mankind

Education is the key component to the success of a global system.

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The concept of Intellectual property rights (IPR) and patents is both a benefit and a block. It allows commercial organisations to profit from research they have funded, but it also prevents others from exploiting the results to reduce costs. The system proposes that patent applications include verifiable research costs spent to develop a capability. If the capability is deemed beneficial to the species, and demand subsequently requires cheaper or faster production/exploitation, then the system can purchase the IPR for some multiple of research costs and make it freely available to all. In this way no organisation or group of people can gain a monopoly on useful technologies.

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At birth our mental models are empty. Our formative years build the models we use to guide our later lives. Our DNA provides our capabilities, but education provides causes to act upon.

So does knowing the truth matter to human survival? – No, we have believed utter, and semi, falsehoods since the dawn of human belief. [ We used to think the world was flat, but know now it is round.] A big Us whose culture is built on falsehoods can overrun an Us whose beliefs are closer to the truth. The system should not be afraid to change when competing views emerge. For most, our models crystallise with age and it becomes difficult for us to change them. The system should encourage continuous learning, and provide us with the ability and processes to challenge existing views and evaluate new ideas.

Those who understand that people can be moulded, have used education to reinforce cultures to provide national and religious identities, to keep people subservient to their rule, to ensure money flows to them, to form fervent armies that can increase their control or to revolt against the status quo, to break up consensus and cause ferment and chaos.

Education and influence comes from many forms in our electronically diverse world. It is easy to see why some nations seek to control all influencing media to reinforce a single national culture. It may be better to equip people with the understanding of how education can be misused and to enable free debate, as that is where falsehoods are exposed. An education system requires monitoring to see what views are emerging in the shadows, so they can be challenged and incorporated or debunked.

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