Health service

Organisation of the species - Proposed model

The system proposes a health service freely available to all, funded by tax collection, providing care to anyone who demands it.

Inevitably the demand for care will far exceed the resources provided by the allocated tax.

Demand is infinite, as ever more expensive solutions will become available to those wanting to delay death. The population is growing through improved health and extended lifespan. Constantly raising more tax to meet demand is not the right approach.

There must be limits to the cost of treatment provided.

The research/IPR/patent process proposed in the education section will help reduce drug and equipment costs.

The service should develop and provide a global Online diagnosis tool.

The service should provide a remote consultation system mechanism to distribute supply and demand globally

The service should provide a framework for the healthcare profession. Training and operational standards, accreditation, monitoring of professionals. The healthcare profession should contribute a member to the Professional House.

Instruments that monitor aspects of health should be able to contribute to an aggregated health picture of an individual. The service should provide the framework. Commercial organisations can then provide monitoring and analytical services which could eventually be subsumed into the global health service.

The service should provide for aged care, long term disability, mental health.

The service should provide prioritised research candidates.

Additional health provision can be provided by commercial organisations to standards set by the profession.

Risk: Evolution requires that the unsuccessful die off without breeding – are we weakening ourselves?

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