Organisation of the species - Proposed model

Common vision for mankind


A Global system should describe and maintain a vision for the species and use it to enthuse the species to work towards global aims, without coercion. If coercion is required, then the vision is not right. The long term need to escape the planet, the shorter term need to ensure our planetary home can continue to support us, the short term need to ensure we do not destroy ourselves, should all be part of our thought fabric and education system.

We require a vision we all subscribe to, to help us work together as a group towards a goal.

A species vision should be simple and so true it is unassailable.

The vision for the human species is governed by our nature and the nature of our environment.

Our vision therefore is very simple.

Before the planet can no longer support us, the species must be able to transport itself to other hosts and be able to generate the things it needs to sustain life, so that we may continue to evolve.

We may disagree about how best to achieve the vision, and this is what people will vote for. Electioneering should refer back to the vision to show how their actions will deliver it.

Vision Risk: Humans have believed many whopping untruths during the development of our understanding of ourselves and our cosmic system. We must ensure the vision can be challenged and can adapt to change. We must ensure that alternate versions of truths are openly discussed and tested.

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