How do we achieve such a vision?

If you have read the proposed model section, a few thoughts may have entered your mind about whether the various monarchs, dictators, oligarchs, nationalists, religions et cetera will buy into such a vision for humanity. However, the key player who needs to be able to subordinate their nationality to a global system and global culture is YOU.

What would a candidate plan for transitioning from our existing state of multiple competing nations and cultures, to the proposed model look like?

First, a body of people need to agree that this is a vision worth pursuing, and to direct a good proportion of their resources and time to achieve it.

Secondly we need to control our need to compete amongst ourselves, so that we have time and resources to apply to the problem.

Thirdly, we just get on and do it.

The following is one candidate sequence of events.

Its success will be determined by many factors.

Education is key. Those whose mental models have been trained to believe that nation states are necessary, and are unable to change them (the majority of people’s views become crystallised with age), will have to pass on. This is a multi generational plan. Those who are established in a hierarchy and want to maintain the status quo, will employ all the tools of culture, religion, education and media at their disposal to counteract anything which threatens their position. It is therefore unlikely that this will become a truly global system, competing systems are likely to always exist. The global system should not force itself on anyone, dissent will help the global system evolve.

Therefor a global system must include an interface to nation states, and include processes to include nations electing to roll in, as well as processes for those whose culture becomes so strong that it demands autonomy and exits the global system.

This means we must consider:

This section requires further work…..

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