Many attempts at organisation have evolved


capitalism, communism, socialism, monarchy, aristocracy, plutocracy, feudalism, oligarchy, republicanism, democracy, theocracy, dictatorship, totalitarianism, tribalism, federalism....


Time to think bigger.

Throughout our evolution, humans have experimented with many ways to work with others-who-share-the-present, and compete with them at the same time. Humans are not unique in this, most moving species have evolved attempts at communal organisation, from ant colonies to fish shoals, from wolf packs to the solitary Panda.

The question today, is whether we have harvested enough information from our experiments, and have developed a good enough set of tools to enable us to consider, and put in place, a more formalised approach to organising ourselves on a global scale.

This site describes a vision of global human organisation, and will also, eventually, describe how we might transition to it. As a vision from a single mind i would expect it to evolve under the attention of others.

V 0.3  - May 2019 Incomplete

Bear with us, this is under active development. See the vision......


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