Our system of competing nation states has a few perpetual and repetitive problems.

War, famine, border disputes, trade war, national debt, terrorism, mass migration, poverty.  We are unable to provide global responses to natural disasters and man-made problems, and we squander resources and labour in offensive and defensive competition.

We can do better but we have to organise ourselves differently.

Read how

Download and read PDF "On the organisation of the species"

Download and read PDF "On the organisation of the species" Download the August 2023 edition

(150 pages, 12.5MB).

The first edition of this paper was issued in January 2019. It has been iteratively improved until the most recent edition published in August 2023.


This work is a result of my desire to understand the way in which we humans organise ourselves, observing that our current model of competing nation states does not work well, and is not a fit model for a more integrated and globalised future, then asking the questions “If we engineered a system of governance from scratch, how could it be better?” and then “How could it be achieved?”.

What is in it?

The paper proposes that we take a bold step in the way we organise ourselves, and move on from our current system of competing nation states towards one global system of government.

It proposes that cultures free themselves from geographical boundaries, enabling multiple global cultural diasporas to co-exist within a single governance framework.

It proposes common governance processes, common global services, and a common economics model to enable us to tackle major global issues and realise a long term species vision.

It answers underlying questions such as:

The paper then explores how we might adopt this new system, and transition from our current situation. It identifies blockers that might prevent transition, and behaviours that will make it easier. It also attempts to identify which of our current nations or institutions might lead the charge, and most importantly what individuals and organisations can do to help.

Could the EU, UN, CCP, US or a religion lead us into a global system? How long might it take? What responsibilities would be required of a citizen? How could businesses and other organisations play a part in the system and contribute to the species vision?

Too good to be true? Maybe. Have a read and then make up your own mind.

Read it, think on it, relax your own national and cultural bonds and become one with the species, even if it is only temporary.



There are a number of building blocks you will probably need to understand to make sense of this paper:


Language tags

“On the organisation of the species”. A proposal for a system of global human organisation

"De l'organisation de l’espèce" Une proposition pour un système d'organisation humaine mondiale

"Über die Organisation der Art" Ein Vorschlag für ein System globaler menschlicher Organisation

«Об организации вида». Предложение о глобальной системе организации человека

"Sobre la organización de las especies". Una propuesta para un sistema global de organización humana

"Sobre a organização da espécie." Uma proposta para um sistema global de organização humana

"Mengenai organisasi spesies." Cadangan untuk sistem organisasi manusia global



Proposal for a system of global human organisation

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