On the organisation of the species

A proposal for global human organisation

On the organisation of the species

Last updated: March 2020

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Nation states have been useful tools during the evolution of the human species. However nation states, and more specifically the cultures that define them, are responsible for all wars, land disputes, tariffs, barriers, borders, tax havens, trade wars, currency disputes and economic migration. They actively promote cultural differences that prevent us working together as a global society, and they are responsible for preventing global responses to natural disasters and man-made problems.

We should at least consider taking another step in the evolution of our organisations, and develop a single global system to resolve the major issues confronting our species today.

This paper proposes a system, based on evolution of our prior experiments in organising ourselves at scale, that reduces competition that causes conflict, enables competition that helps us develop faster, and allows us to tackle major issues such as wars, human inputs to climate change, migration, inequality, drug abuse, government debt, housing, land disputes, tax evasion, and conflicts between social and commercial aims.

It proposes a global finance model that can free us from our current government debt burdens, and provides all the investment required to:

Too good to be true? Maybe. Have a read and then make up your mind.


There are a number of things you should already understand in order to make sense of this paper

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On the organisation of the species - PDF Available (50 pages)



100 years ahead of its time!

Or will the current pandemic speed our development?

There have been many attempts at human organisation at scale


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It is time to think again, and to think bigger.

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